Welcome Family and Friends

Many of you have shared that with the distance between us you miss being a part of our family. This blog is a way for us to reach out and share a bit of our daily life with you. We realize that it is not the same as face-to-face relationships, but we hope it will bridge the gap between our visits with you and your families.

02 January 2013


A drawing Elias drew today.
He wants to be a UPS man and a swimmer when he grows up. 

Gwendolyn's drawing
which of course follows what Elias drew. 

This morning the kids played a new game where they rolled dice and made boxes from the numbers they counted from the dice. Elias had more rules for his game to start but he quickly decided to morph his into a drawing of him as a "USP" man. Although he does enjoy doing schoolwork it does often require some flexibility on my part. Gwendolyn had different rules and only one die to play her number game. She loves to do the same kind of work as her big brother.

We hope you enjoy a glimpse into the kids' morning. 


14 September 2012

a simple way to be

12 September 2012

Celebrating my 30th birthday

scavenger hunt

dance party

dark chocolate torte with strawberries

poetry by Julia

the loves of my life to celebrate with me